3rd GRADE: Third Grade students travel Atlanta with Rabbi Rau and the education staff for a full day which includes a volunteer project and social time as a class to bond with their peers.

4th GRADE: Our fourth grade students participate in a Shul-in (sleepover) at The Temple in February. From 6:00 pm Saturday until 9:00 am on Sunday morning, participants get to know other fourth grade students and begin to feel “at home” in The Temple. There are no Sunday morning classes for fourth graders the next day.


5th GRADE: Fifth grade students participate in an overnight trip to Camp Coleman in Cleveland, GA in the spring. During this weekend, students get to know their classmates better, participate in creative Jewish programming, and spend time having fun.


6th GRADE: Sixth Grade students travel with Rabbi Rau and Elizabeth Foster to North Georgia. After an overnight at Camp Coleman, students volunteer at a senior living center followed by an afternoon at an arcade-type place. Students return on Saturday evening.


7th GRADE: Seventh grade students travel with Rabbi Rau and their Gesher Leaders to Whitwell and Chattanooga, TN for an overnight visit to the Paperclips Holocaust exhibit, a night out at an amusement center, and a caving adventure.


8th/9th GRADE: Eighth and ninth grade students travel with Rabbi Rau, Elizabeth Foster and their peer leaders to New Orleans or Florida (alternating years) in January for a social action, social and Jewish heritage trip. 


10th GRADE: Tenth grade students also take a weekend trip each year to New York with their teachers and clergy. On this trip, confirmation students trace Jewish immigration and explore Judaism in the largest Jewish community in America.


TEEN ISRAEL TRIP: Each June, rising juniors and seniors are invited to participate in a two week teen trip to Israel with Rabbi Rau. On this teen trip, students visit Jerusalem and the Old City, climb Masada, visit a Reform kibbutz, hike, rappel, kayak, snorkel, and participate in an archeological dig. In addition, Rabbi Rau and the chaperones lead nightly camp-like study programs.


JUNIOR/SENIOR CLASS TRIP: Take a weekend trip to Washington, DC with Rabbi Berg and Elizabeth Foster. On this trip, teens participate in the Religious Action Center’s L’Taken Seminar and visit our nation’s capital.


FAMILY ISRAEL TRIP: Families are invited to join our Temple Clergy and staff in June 2022 (this trip travels on alternating years) for our Family Israel Experience. This ten-day adventure across Israel is designed for children eight years and older and their parents and includes a b’nei mitzvah service overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. Students who are 12 years old or older by June 2022 are eligible to become a part of the Israel b’nei mitzvah service. If you are interested in finding out more about these experiences or to reserve your teen or family’s spot, please contact Rabbi Rau.


We look forward to traveling with our kids soon!